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About My Counselling Approach

Initially I trained as a humanistic therapist but now integrate various modalities and skills that I've acquired through CPD (continual professional development) and ongoing studies. I adapt these approaches according to my clients needs, for example using CBT strategies for clients experiencing high levels of anxiety, or perhaps trauma or attachment based interventions with clients who may have such issues related to the past. My aim is to work non-judgmentally and respectfully with clients, to tailor the therapy according to each individuals needs, and build a trusting relationship. By exploring issues together in a safe impartial and secure environment, I endeavour to support clients in finding a better way of coping and moving forwards.

Often when people feel in crisis, or when problems are feeling too much to cope with, it can be helpful to talk through concerns therapeutically, and with somebody who is impartial so as to explore meanings, choices and often acceptance or resolution. Using a combination of approaches such as Attachment, Person Centred, Gestalt, Existential, CBT and Sensorimotor, I integrate these modalities to suit the individual needs of my clients.

Some examples of difficulties might be the stresses and strains of work/life balance, coming to terms with loss, separation or abuse, experiencing severe anxiety, OCD tendencies, issues with special needs, relationship breakdown, the desire to change a behaviour such as binge eating or agrophobia, feeling depressed, dealing with trauma or low self-esteem.

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